How to Avoid Creating Green in Watercolor Skies - Easy Mixing Formula

Jun 08, 2022

When you were a kid, you probably learned that when you mix blue with yellow, you get green, right? And this was really cool as a kid. It blew my mind. 


But when it comes to painting skies, this can be problematic. 


I want really rich blue colors and really rich yellow colors in my skies - but not green. So how do we avoid this? I’ll show you!


This week’s video is a demo to help you create beautiful transitions in your skies without inadvertently mixing green onto your paper.


The key takeaway is to use a transition color like Rose Matter Permanent or Alizarin Crimson between your cool and warm colors. Check out the video to see how I go about doing this - and let me know how it goes!


Once again, thank you for spending some time with me here today. Keep moving forward and growing as an artist and I will see you next time!


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